By far your greatest ability: For in loving … all you are, all you do takes on new meaning, elevates you far beyond the physical world.

To love is to truly care for what is outside your self. Your energy … your attention is directed toward the ‘other’. You conscientiously try to understand, nurture and protect the ‘other’ FOR THE ‘OTHER’S’ SAKE. All else becomes insignificant when you truly love.

The current is swiftly moving you along. Adjusting to the battering you take keeps you very busy. Holding hands with co-swimmers makes the swimming a little easier. As you give your partners more attention you feel less a part of the river. The rocks are hardly noticeable. Somehow you are maneuvering more adeptly. As your altruism increases, you have a sense you can fly right out of the river.
Soon you know you will.




Do you love … truly love? Do you feel most alive … most purposeful when you do? And when you meet ‘loving hearts’ emanating peace and sincerity … does this not inspire you? Are not all the love songs and sonnets informing you of a very real experiencing and existing beyond the mere physical? Have you not witnessed the poor and hungry smiling despite their hardships … thanks to the love they share? Is not the goal of loving more than a temporal accommodation? Could it be the essential purpose in a Divine plan … offering you the means to grow … to find happiness … to live in bliss forever?

Throughout your life you realize more and more that loving is what fulfills you. Nothing else will!! And by loving you will experience JOY.

hearken back to when you were young
close your eyes and envision one person whom you had deep feelings for
‘see’ … feel … embrace your loved one
let your emotions ‘well-up’
reflect with confidence that you can and will love with varying degrees of intensity now and always
open your eyes … stare into a mirror … say hello to a true lover
focus on objects, animals and people for several days
after this, pick one of these to learn more about
spend the next week understanding your ‘subject’
use all your abilities and your senses
a certain affection will evolve
you care
appreciate your infinite capacity to love
… everything … everyone!!

You are being spiritual when you Love,

When your dog licks your face and you smile.
When the stars, music, laughter make you weep.
When many moments each day provoke delight.
When the thought of someone makes you giddy.
When optimism reigns unabashedly in your heart.
When all the world is aglow with purpose bathed in beauty.
When ‘hearing’ of the success of another you spontaneously react with glee.
When dwelling on an object … possibly useful … appreciating its qualities … appearance … design … feeling fortunate you have this in your life.
When you have had sexual intercourse … gazing at your lover … lofty thoughts about their body, their mind, their being engulfing you … for hours.
When you bring to mind someone who has been ‘close’ to you … your mother, a friend, a spouse … imagining him or her near you … sincerely saying “I want so much for you to be happy … I will do anything for you … I will love you forever.”

you must make a commitment to loving … nothing is more important in your life than renewing your efforts to love
everything you are, everything you do should be profoundly effected by your motivation to care
all will pass away, even your memories
growing through loving, will live on forever!!




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