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An impenetrable fortress.

Life’s sole victor … your eternal triumph.

The why of creation … your reason for being.

The only means of fulfillment: Loving all including yourself.

An enigmatic irony: Leaving yourself for another and finding yourself.

A spiritual experiencing which evolves slowly … innocuously … glowingly.

Essential for an abiding confidence and hope … fearing little … embracing all.

Not a physical attraction or act but a caring for something or someone outside self.

A supernatural ability not determined by instinct, conditioning or self interest but by your choices and intrepid resolve.

Feeling giddy, often, at the prospects ‘before you’ … including the ‘gushes’ of delight when captivated by music, art, humor and the antics of children.

  • Perhaps the only means to realize your potential.
  • Perhaps this world was created out of Love for Love.
  • Perhaps the ‘Light’ all are drawn to in order to live an efficacious life.
  • Perhaps the only battles to be won:: Overcoming impediments to loving.
  • Perhaps all that exists in the universe is there to pull you out of your self-absorption.
  • Perhaps pain and suffering can induce quantum leaps in loving … for both the sufferer and the caregiver.
  • Perhaps you know the depth of your love by the depth of your peace; perhaps you can only be at peace when you are loving.
  • Perhaps internal ‘barriers’ must constantly be obliterated in order to ‘connect’ with what is ‘outside’ you … a prerequisite for caring.
  • Perhaps loving relationships are the primary means for growth; perhaps sharing is essential in providing purpose and a ‘meaningful’, productive life.
  • Perhaps if you could view the world ‘seeing’ only spirits ‘growing’ by their loving you would be witnessing what is ‘real’ and what does not dissemble.



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