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Being receptive to all possibilities.

Consciousness reaching beyond itself.

Always focusing on the positive in another.

Wanting for another before wanting for self.

Realizing everything has ‘merit’ without being told.

Considering what is not you as if it were part of you.

Living optimistically secure in your motivation which is ‘grounded’ in caring.

Gracious accepting all you perceive relying on ‘virtue’ to overcome adversity especially injustice.

Needing and embracing ‘other’ for the sake of the ‘other’ and in doing so to grow spiritually.

Waking each day confident that you will improve your life and those around you thanks to your ‘generous’ heart’s valor in the face of vanity, guile and duplicity.

  • Perhaps only your kindness can temper discord.
  • Perhaps the intent to give makes the act of giving superfluous.
  • Perhaps you must lose yourself in another before you find yourself.
  • Perhaps the only light shining on you is the reflection from your own torch.
  • Perhaps you can encompass all that ever was, is and will be with your love.
  • Perhaps loving is the only way to understand the irony “to give is to receive.”
  • Perhaps the ultimate purpose of free will is allowing you to decide to be loving.
  • Perhaps by loving you take on the beauty of the Divine; perhaps then you are attractive to your Creator.
  • Perhaps a tree is not a tree without you knowing it is; perhaps a tree becomes more than a tree when you love it.
  • Perhaps your existence can extend beyond the dissolution of your body; perhaps this depends upon your growth through loving; perhaps the only reason you exist is to learn to love.



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