Appreciate how important this realization is for you: You grow spiritually by your loving. And you are responsible for this. No one else. Daunting? Not really. Not if you adhere to Saint Augustine’s advice: “Love and forget the rest.” It is that simple. And you needn’t worry. Whatever befalls you in life, you can have total confidence that you are ‘traveling’ in the right direction. For the more you are loving, truly loving, the more meaningful and fulfilling your life is. You are ‘doing’ what you were created for.

You are caring for everything and everybody. Nothing is excluded. Yes you have your fears and your biases. Understand them and continually try to see beyond them. There is much more to the spider and the snake then your conditioned fears conjure. You do not have to be brilliant to appreciate all you come in contact with. You do not need extensive knowledge. Just remember that every living creature has its own purpose, every object its appeal. Everything is unique in its design and function. By appreciating ALL OF CREATION, loving becomes so much easier.

Now you are coasting the river blue.
More and more you say “How do you do?”
For what was strange seems familiar now.
Everything has become part of you somehow.

Loving more and more, you gradually develop the extraordinary capacity to disregard self-interest, to focus on ‘other’ for ‘other’s’ sake. You grow spiritually as ‘other’ multiplies in your awareness. Consider: The most contented even joyful people are those who love constantly. They embrace all. They respect all: All life, all matter, all natural phenomenon. In loving you do not qualify or make distinctions. You become magnanimous. Your loving is for everything and everybody. When you are truly loving, there are no barriers. You embrace all ‘other’ and they become part of you … welcomed into your heart. You start to experience joy … eternal joy … the welcome harbinger of ‘forever’.



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