Pray if you believe it to be efficacious. Acknowledge powers beyond your understanding. Be thankful for all you have … for everyone in your life. Ask for help. Sometimes you feel there is nothing in this world that can solve your problems. Conversing with your perceived God can give you hope. Supplications may be received .. may even be acted upon. You will never know. But you can feel confident that your Creator is listening.

during your quiet time
converse with your inner voice
with humility accept your dependence
acknowledging a Creative Force beyond your understanding
share your deepest concerns
silent discourse may lead to revelations
or salutary murmurings giving you peace

Believe in a God?? Splendid. Mysteriously you were willed into existence by an omnipotent Being. You should be very thankful. Worship as you wish. You can attribute all sorts of anthropomorphic traits to your God. Perceiving vengefulness … you can become a fearful supplicant. In awe of the ‘regal’ … you can offer praise and what you hold precious. Whatever makes you feel secure is fine.

Believe in anything you like. Nothing wrong with feeling you have a ‘lock’ on the truth. But never let your sense of security lull you into thinking you have ‘arrived’. You have not! Your spirit is always growing or it is not. It is up to you. Your God has exhorted you to love … actively. Read the ancient texts.

Do not be ‘put off’ by these musings on the Deity or the enumeration of your spiritual abilities. They are not meant to supplant your beliefs … only to offer you a more ‘informed’ perspective. You are trying conscientiously to understand what you are and what you should be doing. Knowing and appreciating what the Creator has given you to work with will help you realize every religious aspiration you ever had. When you were a child you wanted to go to Heaven. Deep down you still do. If believing in what you do helps you to be more and more loving … then you are ‘heading in the right direction’.

Gaining more informed insights can only help you better grasp ‘God’s Plan’. Consult inspirational ‘materials’ often. Others are striving to find answers … direction. Be relieved you have ‘company’ and preserver with confidence in the certainty: Whatever Creative Force put you here … put you here for a PURPOSE. You were given extraordinary abilities. They elevate you far beyond the physical. Using them you become a most formidable entity … one who can love … now and forever … your reason for being.

alone … quietly stare at a mirror
gaze into your eyes
exalt in being alive
you exist … you have beauty … purpose … deep within
you are sharing space with countless others
all participating in this wondrous creation
you care for them and they for you
now and forever
thanks to



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