Perhaps this is the most astonishing ability of all. Your consciousness becomes aware of ‘something’. You can react and move on or you can ponder it AND you can ‘alter’ it. Amazing. There is nothing you experience that you cannot change … first in your mind and then, if you wish, in the physical world. You can literally remake everything. Is this not the most outrageous effrontery to nature? What gives you the right? Certainly a question to ponder. But not for long. For you are compelled to perceive possibilities. You imagine. You create. Your ability is boundless.

As you tread water you gaze up into the sky. Clouds. You understand their dynamics. For fun you ‘perceive’ faces in them. There is Mother Goose. No it’s a big frog or … a dinosaur. Fascinating. You wave a reluctant goodbye to Mister Moon and all his friends. You submerge yourself back into the river run.

At times you feel helpless in this threatening, unpredictable world. But you are intrepid. And you are blessed with extraordinary vision of what can be. Whatever presents itself to you … you manipulate and reconfigure. Your inquisitiveness, appreciation and understanding prod you to devise unique ‘approaches’ and solutions. From tiny microbes to extraordinary celestial bodies, you ‘conjure’ designs never seen before. Be thankful for this astounding ability. Consider what the microchip has enabled you to do.

Your unbounded imagination envisions far beyond the practical. Ask any writer, composer, artist. For you are much more than what you perceive. Your imagination tells you so. And given your undaunted nature, you will constantly redefine yourself and your world … because you CHOOSE to.

on a crowded avenue this time
find a comfortable vantage point
stare at individuals
imagine their traits, what makes them unique
contemplate how they spend their days
then walk down the street with a limp and invent a new life for yourself with … birds
find a flock of pigeons, seagulls, whatever is handy
imbue them with the characteristics you attributed to the strangers
some fun huh?
you could do this a thousand times … conjuring up unique
anthropomorphic, avian communities
try telling that to choreographers, filmmakers, novelists, potters and artists
what would the evolving world be without them AND
without your envisioning what could be, might be, will be?

You are being spiritual when you Imagine

When you invent your own dance steps.
When you close your eyes and envision worlds that aren’t.
When you paint on walls funny looking doors that lead to nowhere.
When during turmoil peace and tranquility are a possibility in your mind.
When you get naked, paint your body and make funny faces in the mirror.
When you sculpt an abstraction of a frog out of 200 pounds of frozen Spam.
When the little block of wood is being whittled down and starting to look like your pet finch.
When you envision life on another planet complete with never before seen structures and creatures.
When you watch a television program for 20 minutes … turn it off … close your eyes and act out the rest of it in your mind.
When preparing for a hurricane … digging a hole in the ground … reciting a prayer … ‘forgiving’ all your enemies … gathering up your most effective talismans … shouting out epithets at the encroaching wind … and then scrambling back to your subterranean pit for a ‘nip’ of brandy..

never stop imagining … what some consider to be childish activity is an ability that makes life more enjoyable and fruitful … humor will ‘lighten’ your tedium … laughing with others sets your rambunctious spirit soaring


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