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An ability to perceive possibilities.

‘Seeing’ what has never been seen before.

Compulsion innocently striving for perfection

Innovating that leaves nothing safe or sacred.

License to rearrange … whimsically or with purpose.

Misused, powerful resource of a fool or fanatic in coercing others.

Anarchy of inventive ideas constantly roiling in a universal psyche.

‘Tinkering’ that provokes ambivalence: Safety in sameness challenged by change.

A scepter wielded by a dynamic mind bent on destroying myths and creating new ones.

What precedes your confidence and your will to change and preserver: Your vision of what can be.

  • Perhaps a palliative for critical gods.
  • Perhaps integral to a ‘creating’ which never ceases.
  • Perhaps your palate is only a speck of an infinite spectrum.
  • Perhaps a talent you develop as a prodigy of the Grand Designer.
  • Perhaps you can only be more than what you are by imagining it.
  • Perhaps your imagination is feared because it threatens complacency.
  • Perhaps you have just begun the serendipitous activity of remaking ‘worlds’.
  • Perhaps you have a gift for seeing what can be and a Divine license to use it.
  • Perhaps true progress is not your physical innovations but your growing self-awareness.
  • Perhaps self-preservation checks wonton folly judiciously but entrenched can impede innovation and progress.



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