Only you can feel the elation of viewing a sunset. Only you are enthralled with the vibrant colors of flowers. Only you can contemplate the infant’s fair continence and be lifted beyond the bounds of transient matter. And as if this weren’t enough, only you can ‘create’ something that others find attractive. Using your senses and an infinite variety of resources you can bring something into being that did not exist before. No other creature does this. Think about it. Have you ever seen an animal admire anything? Design anything? Gardens are cultivated throughout the world. Music fills the air. You and your kind never tire of creating and enjoying beauty.

As the current hurries you along you learn to appreciate much of what you see. Rocks and pebbles attract you:
Their muted grays and blues, silver streaks with rubies that seem to glow. Something too about their shapes.
Such variety. You name things, rearrange things. You combine substances to make something new. Your co-swimmers do much the same. You admire their work, they yours.
Accolades are presented for the prettiest. You go out of your way to experience beauty … be it part of the river or viewed on the embankments. You never tire of being entranced.
Nothing can compare with your marvelous river view.


You live your life constantly dealing with necessities. You do what you must to survive both physically and socially. But everything you encounter offers you an experience that is beyond what ‘matters’. For you ‘see’ things with a feeling that transcends the ‘here and now’. When you say “that is so beautiful” you are exhibiting a deep sense of appreciation. You are ‘filling up’ with an inexplicable awe. And you never stop IMAGINING that there is so much more!!

alone again
choose something near you which is particularly attractive
gaze at it
marvel at various aspects of it
use all possible senses to enjoy it
perhaps a full-flowered rose: Its color, its shape, its size, its delicacy, its fragrance, its softness, its taste
consider the flower’s appeal especially to a loved one
(Ever wonder why people give gifts of flowers?)
while you are in this contemplative mode, what else excites you
music dance … a great feat by an athlete … the taste of a delicious wine, beer, coffee, candy the design of a new car … the images on your video screen,
pottery, antiques, a handmade desk
there are no limits to what can swell your heart


You are being spiritual when you experience Beauty,

When the lovely melody brings tears to your eyes.
When you inspect the clothes on the rack and one ‘pops’ out at you.
When you watch the fireworks with others and gasp along with them.
When you stroke an infant passing by in a carriage and experience elation.
When you swim underwater to the coral reef and delight at the colorful fish.
When the colors and shapes of orchids entice you to gaze and gaze and gaze.
When the design of your new car provokes you to peek at it throughout the day.
When you pet the kitty cat and admire its colors, its cute little face and paws, its antics.
When the steady flight of geese overhead glide blithely by in formation and you stare fascinated.
When the rainbow ‘stops you in your tracks’ and you stare wide-eyed calling to your mate “look!”

have you experienced beauty you today?? a cloud formation perhaps??
truly appreciate and use this transporting ‘gift’ often … beauty is always at hand

your senses can ‘embrace’ so much of what the world has to offer … be receptive to the diversity all ‘round you … your ‘everyday life’ can be filled with moments of glee

for all creation has been given you to enjoy



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