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Inspirations in infinite forms.

Solace for all light-hearted travelers.

Elation that intensifies when sharing.

What connects us with what transcends us.

Ascetic irony: Embracing it we escape within it.

An affinity that begins with wonder and lasts forever.

A unique sense of appreciation that comes from experiencing variety and order.

An enduring legacy of spiritual aliveness and activity which transcends time and place.

When the barrier between subjective and objective disappears and an ethereal delight titillates.

Aesthetic sense which engenders respect even adulation for the inanimate, animate … for all of creation.

For some, a reason for being: Enjoying a vision that enhances meaning and enlivens experience while provoking hope ... for more.

  • Perhaps beauty does not exist without you.
  • Perhaps beauty is an attraction that has no apparent purpose other than it makes you feel good.
  • Perhaps all things are beautiful to a receptive mind; perhaps beauty is but an open heart responding.
  • Perhaps as we progress, survival essentials dominate less as experiencing the cosmos brings us closer to the Eternal.
  • Perhaps our insatiable curiosity overcomes our narrow focus and constantly presents new vistas that inspire further exploration.
  • Perhaps your sense of beauty provides brief glimpses into other realities; perhaps this enthrallment prepares you for another type of existence.
  • Perhaps the innate, instinctual mixes with the hereditary to be shaped by society and finally colored by observation becomes one’s unique view of what is attractive.
  • Perhaps the natural world and all we create are delights for the Divine and an indication that so much more awaits us; perhaps future generations will be more readily awestruck by nature and their own creations.
  • Perhaps the habit of appreciating colors, shapes, sounds and smells pulls us away from our own morose meanderings and engenders joyful celebrations of life; perhaps we are living in the Garden of Eden and do not realize it.
  • Perhaps pleasure most especially sexual allurements deceive and define by limiting the senses to physical gratification thus foregoing countless opportunities to experience spiritual awe … of nature and the designs of ‘man’.

    noticed a large, white, sculpted heron adhering to someone’s front door today … very attractive.  How ‘bout you?




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