You wail. You are picked up and caressed. You suck vigorously on the nipple. Relieving yourself, you giggle. From the very beginning pleasures are a vital part of your life. You add many more to your repertoire. Since eating and procreating are most essential, the variety and intensity of these activities stimulates your feelings inexorably. Easy for you to become obsessed with them. Chubby, sex absorbed individuals are everywhere. Are you one?

Certainly the stress of modern life drives many to seek relief in pleasure. The convenience of stimulants cannot easily be ignored. In large cities enticing food and flesh, drugs and entertainments abound. Easy to avail yourself of sensory satiation. But … you knew this was coming … you run the risk of over doing. The demanding child in you wants more, more, more. You can easily capitulate by saying “I deserve it.”  So you eat to excess. You stimulate yourself so often that arranging ‘orgasms’ of one sort or another dominates your daily life. You become a salivating animal eschewing your nobler self.

You can choose to make pleasure a prominent part of your life. However, a selfish you is inevitable. And this will become a serious impediment to experiencing the joys of caring, of loving. You cannot be constantly preoccupied with pleasing yourself and at the same time be a truly loving person.

This is not a stoic, puritanical condemnation of pleasure. On the contrary. Enjoy ALL life’s pleasures … in moderation. Just don’t let them dominate your life. They should not be ‘ends in themselves’ but incidental to life’s various needs:  Sustenance and progeny for example.

REMEMBER:  You are not your pleasure; you are not your pain. As intense as these can be, you should always appreciate them for what they are:  Experiences … ones you share with other creatures. Never let them become obsessions. Direct your concerns OUTSIDE yourself. Renewing your efforts to care will always keep these ‘quagmires’ in perspective.



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