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A respite from pain.

Sensory elation; a mental caress.

One of nature’s purposeful attractions.

An invited celebrity into a decaying home.

Coercive sensations coaxing repeat ‘performances’.

A reason for living for some; a beacon for ‘righteous’ castigation by others.

A brief ‘titillating’ experience preceded by the allurement of euphoria followed by rapid dissipation.

Mind ‘candy’ that is available daily through the senses as well as recollections, expectations and vicarious thrills.

A profound ‘jolt’ when young; a ubiquitous, fickle ‘attention-getter’ for most adults; a relief from boredom or discomfort sought passively by the aged.

Invitation by an age-old enticer/deceiver to a ‘feast’ you can only sample since overindulgence will render the ‘fare’ repulsive or deleterious.

  • Perhaps all excess posses a threat.
  • Perhaps a ‘sin’ when it supplants ‘duty’.
  • Perhaps pleasures of the mind are the ‘safest’.
  • Perhaps the heightened intensity of feeling in the brain is produced by a stimulus for a particular purpose.
  • Perhaps the most common and detrimental misconception of the immature, self-centered: Pleasure is happiness.
  • Perhaps hedonism has always been condemned because of its powerful appeal to the weak, the self-indulgent who constantly seek escape from responsibility.
  • Perhaps a brief reward for doing what we must; perhaps sought excessively it ceases to be a reward and becomes an obsession that overwhelms us and stunts our vitality of spirit.
  • Perhaps an open mind always seeking will find infinitely more pleasure in the world than the ‘dedicated’ hedonist; perhaps variety is essential for daily ‘enjoyments’ and personal growth.
  • Perhaps as we mature spiritual pleasures are sought and become more obtainable: Beauty, order, enlightenment and the delights and benefits of others; perhaps these encourage ‘man’ to distain brutishness, to appreciate ‘life’ beyond the physical.
  • Perhaps there is a considerable spectrum of both painful and pleasurable experiences that relate directly to how much attention must be paid them; perhaps life threatening, bodily intrusions register with the same intensity as the most important physical function of all living organisms: Procreation.



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