You cannot find happiness? Do you settle for peace? Letting nothing bother you very much? Keeping stress at a minimum, frustrations and anger in check? Not a bad way to amble through life … trying your best to remain tranquil. The world would certainly be a more peaceful place if its citizens were more passive. Doubtful this will ever happen though. For many reasons passions erupt: Sexual energy and testosterone, pride and covetousness, insult and injury. Oh so many ways to ignite the sparks of human ire, the lynchpin for aggression. Span the globe and there is no end to the squabbles, monumental and picayune. Seems like the world’s populace is always in a state of escalating confrontation. Irascible behavior is ubiquitous.

Will this change? Will the human race learn to control its aggressive tendencies? Can the legacy of the caveman ever be laid to rest? Modern civilizations have been trying to overcome this self-defeating, self-consuming barbarism. Large groups of people have been trying to accommodate one another. Peace treaties sometimes work. Consider Japan, Germany and the victors after World War II. There is hope.

But short of a universal lobotomy can mankind ever embrace peace? Can hearts yet unborn be nurtured with kindness and respect … for family and friends … for all other? Or will the obstinacy of the ‘inflated self’ lead to more carnage? You know the answer … in the short term. Wars are inevitable, tragic and so unnecessary.

This may change however. Mass communication is opening up dialogues on so many levels: Between the sexes, amongst groups with similar interests involving diverse cultures throughout the world. Understanding one another and sharing ideas and resources … this CAN lead to harmonious relationships and a peaceful world.

One can only hope that individuals will be touched by the knowledge that LOVING is the reason for their being, that whatever deters this should be condemned. Then peace will have a chance … and perhaps happiness.

On a more personal level: You, yes YOU reading this now … are you at Peace? Most of the time? Secure in your belief that you are headed in the ‘right’ direction? Sleeping soundly thanks to a generous, accepting heart? Or are you restless and frustrated most of the time? Do you live your life constantly trying to change things … never being satisfied? Do you want more, more, more? Are you obsessed with ‘improving’? Finding better work … a nicer neighborhood … new toys? Nothing wrong with this. Unless it is a constant refrain … year after year. Never being content with what you do and have … now. The prospect of what lays ahead your primary concern.

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience some tranquility? An ‘inner glow’ soothing your psyche? A private feeling of self-adulation legitimized by a simple, uncorrupted embracing of truth, beauty and brotherhood? Say what??

You decide each day ‘what you are about’. If your life is dominated by petty concerns, what ‘pleases’ YOU the determining factor most of the time, you will never be satisfied. You will be ‘traveling’ down dead-end roads with a ‘self-first’ attitude; self-gratification always wanting more. Impossible to experience an ‘expansion of spirit’ which depends on a commitment to others.

Caring is the ‘key’. Striving to know more, appreciate more and sharing in all ways with others … this will keep you open and receptive to whatever comes your way. You will not ‘travel’ with blinkers on. You will become more empathetic, compassionate. You will be at peace with yourself because you ‘are about love’.

So, accept the world; embrace it!! Every experience provides a challenge. Most are insignificant, a few monumental. Always be honest and let your deeper self make the ‘right’ decision. Constantly reconcile your intellect with your heart. Emotions, desires and pride can insidiously dominate your thoughts. Let them go!! Rely on your caring to direct your mind in a wholesome, fulfilling way. This will keep your tendency to view things with a jaundiced eye to a minimum. You will sleep well. You will be at PEACE!!




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