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The goal for all who respect life.

An illusion necessary for regrouping.

The state you must be in to recognize your soul.

Distained by the hateful; embraced by true lovers.

Successful banishment of all that stirs inner turmoil.

Absolute focus on the present while graciously embracing what is.

A paradox distinctly human: For women being busy, for men inertia.

When wanting and needing are on holiday with their cousins: Expectation, frustration and fear.

Essential for human progress that depends upon contemplation and creative endeavors to solve problems and overcome adversity.

Two distinct types that can become intertwined: A lull in worldly confrontations and conflicts, a brief tranquility in the human psyche.

  • Perhaps tranquility eludes ‘man’ because of his habit of reflecting and anticipating.
  • Perhaps there is a spirit within that must be embraced before True Comfort can reside.
  • Perhaps when the inner world depends on the outer world for succor there can never be peace.
  • Perhaps respect for and awe of diversity must be espoused fervently by all peace-seeking peoples.
  • Perhaps when the fox catches the hare it is satisfied; perhaps for hunter-man this feeling is fleeting with the next challenge looming.
  • Perhaps communication and commerce will eventually bring the world together and a peaceful ‘family of man’ will become a reality.
  • Perhaps consciousness that is accepting and loving resides in a womb-like atmosphere where solace is perpetually present despite the constant assaults and buffeting.
  • Perhaps one day the absence of violent confrontations will allow minds and energies to focus on ‘life growth’ activities; perhaps then the world will celebrate life not debase it.
  • Perhaps peaceful people worldwide should unite and heartily condemn violent activity perpetrated by ignorant, superstitious zealots and all those who would use force to impose their will on others.
  • Perhaps when matter is all that matters and the body’s health and survival are paramount, the constant attention to the physical undermines spiritual strivings which are the only means to inner peace.



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