It is essential that you learn to focus on what is at hand. Too many times you have someone or something begging for your attention but … you are too busy, too wrapped up in your own little world to care. Interesting opportunities are presented to you daily: Strangers, their skills, captivating objects and animals, cultures, terrain.

Meet someone new. Ask them about themselves. Develop genuine interest in what is going on with the ‘stranger’. They will not remain a stranger long. For you share something with every person you meet. Not a day goes by that another person’s world cannot be opened to you. Put your prejudices and expectations aside. Interest in another brings knowledge. Try to be understanding and kind. Everyone needs this. And, who knows, you may find it reciprocated.

Be on the ‘look out’ for something intriguing. Could be an animal’s antics, the unique design of a house, car or rug, a work of art, music or even the shape of a plant, flower, whatever. Wonder about it. Be positive. Isn’t it interesting? Beautiful? Enjoy what comes your way. Throughout your journey, every day opens doors to first-time experiences. At night, restful, review these. You may even want to ‘try something’: Painting pottery, adopting a kitten, learning to skateboard. Develop the habit of appreciating the variety all around you. Your opportunities for gaining new awareness’s and new interests are boundless. Allay your complacency, your tenaciousness with the familiar … even your fears of the ‘unknown’. All around you is an attractive ‘garden’ for your inquisitive mind. Trod slowly through it and KEEP YOUR ‘EYES’ OPEN.




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