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What precedes decision and action.

Experiencing that is only new to you once.

Billions of presentations most of which are ignored.

Invitations to ponder; opportunities to eradicate ignorance.

‘Train stops’ that all too often become just a blur as you pass them by.

Unique juxtaposition of energy and matter that can be taken seriously.

An ‘engagement’ or ‘involvement’ you can never fully understand ‘til you try.

An ignoring, eschewing or beginning which may recriminate, confound or reveal.

A quandary which seems real once and then becomes a ‘nag’ or a memory or both.

Little ‘plots’ that invite you to plant roots with the possibility of growth and expansion.

  • Perhaps life is monotonous to those who abhor change.
  • Perhaps you must adjust the sails to navigate toward your intended direction.
  • Perhaps the fear of frustrations prevents considerations from metamorphosing.
  • Perhaps circumstances determine you unless you acknowledge the extraordinary.
  • Perhaps major alterations require new material; perhaps it is only available to those who seek it.
  • Perhaps overcoming inertia is only possible when we smile with delight when faced with possibilities.
  • Perhaps we all seek the comfort and safety of the familiar; perhaps it is the unfamiliar that we must seek to improve.
  • Perhaps most ‘could haves’, ‘would haves’, ‘might’of’s’ and ‘should’ofs’ can be avoided with a little practiced courage.
  • Perhaps YOU are the opportunity you are always searching for; perhaps you must hold in high esteem your powers of reflection and resolve.
  • Perhaps youth is prone to lollygag because of the surfeit of choices that apparently will always ‘be there’; perhaps you are ‘old’ when they have all disappeared.



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