Rules of behavior have been passed down through generations. ‘Modern’ accommodations to community solidarity are added. But is there something else, something whispering inside you that ‘gives you pause’ before you make a decision? Is there a ‘law’ that is universal for human beings only: … a sense of good and bad, right and wrong? You obviously feel guilty and ashamed at times. You hurt someone and feel rotten. Why? You somehow know more than what reason can discern and what the world demands. You MUST consider what you think and what you do on a much deeper level. You have a motivation to care. You have a conscience.

And this ‘voice’ within you, within everyone, speaks volumes concerning kindness, justice, truth and more. Man-made rules of conduct are reflections of some internal admonition to be respectful. Is the Golden Rule “Do unto others” something you have to be told? You know the answer. You should be kind and just because you should be. Not because the world tells you to be. Throughout your lifetime you are coaxed to ‘be good’ and ‘do good’. You must listen … or … love will be a stranger to you. This would be the greatest tragedy in your life!!



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