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Fear encoded.

Infinite nudging the finite.

Reflections that orientate the swimmer.

Rules laid down for the common good.

Admonitions to BE WHOLE … FOREVER.

A never changing, never ending symphony with universal appeal.

A wellspring for distortions and manipulations by the presumptuous and arrogant.

Eternal verities manifested through LOVING which only humans recognize and respect and naively try to change or ignore.

Either a transcendent considerateness for ‘life’ and its potential or societal mandates with no ultimate purpose other than expediency.

Merely ‘chalk on the board’ acknowledged in a variety of ways or a steady, profound prodding by a universal Conscience and Motivator.

  • Perhaps we are the only creatures who can make mistakes.
  • Perhaps order in the universe starts with you paying attention.
  • Perhaps that which lasts forever is what we are trying to know.
  • Perhaps we are being told how to act whether we realize it or not.
  • Perhaps what we construe as divine exhortation is ubiquitous Love expressing Itself constructively.
  • Perhaps our ‘animal nature’ stubbornly clings to the physical often ignoring what we call our ‘heart’.
  • Perhaps our psyche is like a sieve which attempts to ‘strain out’ all but the most valuable nuggets.
  • Perhaps guilt and sin are self-imposed bugaboos one ‘submits to’ when overwhelmed by the loss of harmony.
  • Perhaps the prerequisite for peace and happiness is a constantly renewed commitment to considerateness informed by empathy.
  • Perhaps there is a higher plane of existence beyond the physical; perhaps this existence is a never ending loving; perhaps in aspiring to participate we awkwardly use reason and zealously complicate our efforts with superfluous rules.



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