Eat some chocolate. Mmm. Watch a little T.V. Great. Maybe consume some wine … try a mind-altering drug … or just a simple pain reliever. You need something to give you a little relief. Nothing wrong with that… or lots of sexual pleasure for that matter. But what if your life has become dependent on these? What if you go through each day looking forward to the ESCAPE? And much of your time is spent in providing you the means to do this? Think you might be missing out on something? Like LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD?

It is pathetic and tragic that today in the United States so much time and effort is spent on the means to escape. Shop ‘til you drop. ‘Pig out’ with cookies and chips while watching T.V. for six hours. Drink and do other drugs so you reach euphoria or numbness. Stimulate your libido, maximize pleasure. And of course, blow out your eardrums with music. What fun!!  There are so many ways to leave off living and shrink your consciousness to an overloaded, passive receptor. Precious moments of your existence can be frittered away in this idolatry to the inane … to self-centered pursuits. Strong words? Look around you. Are you living in a wholesome world? Are people caring and sharing? Are they loving … maturing … exhibiting grace and kindness that gels striving souls together?

A little escaping is fine. You need it. Everyone needs it. But when people constantly obsess on pleasure and other means of escaping, they are ignoring if not abandoning their higher selves, their questing spirits. The most exquisite entities in existence are becoming petrified!  And with this the light of love goes out. This is truly a ‘sin’ … the only sin mankind is capable of … embracing the physical self while abandoning the spiritual self.



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