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Briefly leaving the closet.

Soaring beyond pressing confines.

Diversions vital for mental wellbeing.

Imaginative alternatives to the ordinary.

Numbing pain with whatever resources are available.

Stimulation that takes us away from the here and now.

The brain’s attempt to overcome boredom and stagnation.

Propensity to open doors to novel pleasures and excitements.

Jumping from one stream to another with high hopes and expectations.

Altering normal state of mind with stimulation that can run the gamut of benign to devastating.

  • Perhaps a refuge from boredom can become a comfortable prison.
  • Perhaps ‘escapism’ has become a solution rather than a brief relief.
  • Perhaps we abdicate self when we embrace mind obliterating substances.
  • Perhaps the plethora of ways we can now ‘escape’ has led many to believe this to be a vital pursuit.
  • Perhaps we are driven to seek new vistas while railing against daily sameness and oppressive repetitiveness.
  • Perhaps constantly striving for what is beyond our grasp makes it increasingly more difficult to embrace the vibrant here and now.
  • Perhaps brief changes of focus are healthy, even necessary; perhaps though they can lead to dependence on the frivolous or deleterious.
  • Perhaps extricating ourselves from serious discomfort may be difficult if not impossible without the aid of chemicals and strong sensory stimulants.
  • Perhaps when societies become habituated to more and more diversions they undermine the goal oriented, accomplishing habits that citizens need to maintain the edifice.
  • Perhaps a satiated, undisciplined society that has lost its sense of direction and duty, that dwells in worlds of pleasure and passivity will inevitably become debilitated and overcome by its own inertia.



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