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Expendable human flesh.

Fodder consumed in melees.

At best a deterrent that fosters detente.

Seeds that have been prepared for the loam.

Groups of intimidators, marauders, annihilators.

A daunting dilemma and bane for mothers and wives who want peace and protection.

A ‘body’ of flags, uniforms and weapons echoing pledges, chants and righteous indignation.

Usually testosterone driven young men who are indoctrinated and conditioned to act out violently for a heralded purpose.

Anachronistic embodiment of attitudes and behavior bourn from centuries of disputes between men who wish to dominate each other by force.

A society’s most ‘able’ individuals meshed tightly together with the most destructive weapons and organized support in order to fight and kill when necessary.

  • Perhaps the goal of the ‘march’ is lost in mid-stride when dire threats unleash rage.
  • Perhaps peace is not possible without boundaries and threats and the means to realize them.
  • Perhaps war is a natural state of ‘man’; perhaps it is in nature’s best interest to cull the ‘inferior’.
  • Perhaps the incense provoked by blood and gore tend to excite more incense which obliterates common sense.
  • Perhaps in centuries hence war will be anathema more for its waste of resources than considerations of human worth.
  • Perhaps as long as elitism and condescension are acceptable hallmarks of a nation there will be a need for ‘might’ to prove the validity of its attitude.
  • Perhaps our pugnacious tendencies find outlets in sport and game; perhaps our physically violent propensities may be diffused by means of ‘electronic’ confrontations.
  • Perhaps during the past 100 years the hierarchical Prussian system with underlings being docile pawns has given way to more respect for the individual and a concomitant reluctance to commit troops.
  • Perhaps securing the most ‘advanced’ weapons and testing is the principal function of the military today; perhaps the widespread involvement in this enterprise melds cohesiveness with a touted political purpose which welds a mindset that blithely accepts carnage.
  • Perhaps when a metropolis is devastated by a nuclear bomb the world will realize that self-decimation cannot be tolerated; perhaps in the aftermath of this catastrophe countries will unite and strive for magnanimous, mutual respect for all people in all places; perhaps the tyrants preventing universal liberty and equitable distribution will be eliminated!!



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