Testosterone. Warriors. Motivation:  Defense, revenge, covetousness. Many ‘factors’ have contributed to the bellicose nature of ‘man’. Global carnage continues today. There will always be justifications for armies … for devising weapons. Young men are enthralled with these. Inspired by a ‘just cause’  they enthusiastically join a ‘fighting force’. They are encouraged to slaughter the ‘enemy’. Confidence, boldness and a sense of purpose spur them on. Warring provides focus. No other activity is as ‘meaningful’. Pride reigns in the hearts of soldiers ‘representing’ a grateful, cheering populace. The mighty and righteous will conquer. They will vanquish the ‘evil’ ones. Lofty goals always precede the carnage.

Armed forces are easily formed. When emotions are ‘ignited’ demanding safeguards or action governments issue edicts rousing citizens to band together. Flags are ‘raised’ and uniforms issued. Competent leaders are chosen. Orientation and training begins. Some ‘troops’ become adept at handling weapons. Others provide support.

Modern warfare can become very complex. Tens of thousands are needed. A vast variety of skills keep a military base functioning. Cooks, barbers, drivers, engineers, munitions experts, navigators, ‘intelligence’ gatherers … all playing a part in sustaining a powerful vanguard. Anxious citizens support this. Thus an inordinate amount of a nation’s funds are allocated to developing the most devastating weapons possible. Nuclear submarines can decimate entire countries. A frightening prospect. What can be done to avoid this? To lessen this obsession with ‘might’ and power?

The United Nations encourages peace and stability around the globe. NATO safeguards sovereignties. Is this working? Sometimes. Lately however small groups have formed with the express purpose of annihilating ‘super’ powers especially the United States. One is reminded of the American Revolutionary War when a ‘ragtag’ army overcame ‘superior’ numbers and skills. Perhaps ‘big’ is not always ‘better’. Rigidness … inflexibility can undermine effectiveness. Dependence on anachronistic military forces must be avoided. ‘Nuclear’ devastation has been a ‘deterrent’. It is useless however when confronted with divers, belligerent groups residing inconspicuously throughout the world. How do nations combat the malicious intent of a few? The greatest threat now may be the ‘smallest’ ones. Lethal micro organisms perhaps?

A military ‘solution’ may not be possible when dealing with determined fanatics. They thrive and replicate thanks to perceived inequities, injustices and insurmountable religious differences. Rigid beliefs and intolerance may take generations to overcome. So what should be done? Now. Prosperous nations can share more equitably. The exchange of goods, services and ideas encourages peaceful relationships. Coca Cola and McDonalds have played a part in uniting the world … as has the Internet.

Peaceful people, truly benign, must join together and make clear their intent:  To educate unrelentingly … to persuade all who will listen that every person on earth deserves respect and the freedom to realize his or her potential … that tolerance for diversity is essential. Those proclaiming these ‘lofty’ admonitions must condemn hypocrisy and hidden agendas even amongst their own. And why not use a ‘disarmed’ military to participate in an all-out assault on people’s hearts and minds … espousing true justice for all? Global peace someday? Perhaps.



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