You are here on earth … living. Why? To grow … ‘inside’. Developing your REAL self. All you encounter can help you accomplish this. If you are committed to loving, everything becomes meaningful and useful. Your physical life is a means to realize your potential. Worldly pursuits and experiences are not ends in themselves. They are transitory. NOTHING lasts except the YOU that you are creating. Never forget this! For throughout your lifetime ‘distractions’ will impede your progress. You must put mundane matters in perspective.

You are familiar with human nature’s foibles and follies … spawned by avariciousness, arrogance and stubbornness attempting to make the world accommodate you. Throughout your lifetime your decisions are either self-serving or for the benefit of others. Your choices which engender habits gradually determine what you are becoming. The more you ‘turn in on yourself’, for whatever reasons, the more difficult it is to love. Becoming selfish and self-centered atrophies the spirit AND it becomes increasingly more difficult to love and experience joy. BUT loving is ALWAYS possible. You decide. You make the commitment. Not always easy in this world of consumerism, self-gratification and ME first attitudes.

You are subject to a tidal wave of choices. Ideas and products are spawned daily. They often ‘take precedence’ over what was once taken for granted, even considered sacrosanct: Family, religion, country … respect and concern for ‘neighbor’. For millennia most people lived in a community. Life was simple … even predictable. Not anymore. Now there is so much vying for your attention, for your participation. You work, you travel, you listen to the media. What should you do? What should you not do? So many decisions. So many paths you can go down. Nice to have choices but they can be daunting.

It is important to ‘step back, take a breath’ and ask: “How will this affect my life … my inner life?” “How can I sustain hope and confidence?” Ultimately YOU are your most important responsibility. You must have clear vision of what you are and what you are doing with your life. You are striving to love more and more. Nothing you encounter will be too daunting or devastating if you trust in your HABIT of loving. You can be a loving, caring individual … always!!

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