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Illusory quests.

Consultants when prescribing success.

Motivations clarified and encapsulated.

Serious encouragement while you push.

Steadily illuminating viable possibilities.

Brief psychic rewards for crossing imaginary lines.

A beacon you glimpse while forging through choppy waters.

Dedication to attainment or improvement which may be practical, presumptuous or naive.

For dilatants and boasters, achievements meant to impress; for dedicated ‘accomplishers’, markers set to guide one along winding pathways.

From the insignificant such as tidying up to the more grandiose, vanquishing an enemy or disease: The human propensity for crystallizing will with purpose.

  • Perhaps for humans ‘being’ is only meaningful when it is accomplishing.
  • Perhaps you will never worry where you are bound for with love at the helm.
  • Perhaps you place too much value on achievements, not enough on experience.
  • Perhaps what you ‘should do’ must always be tempered with what you ‘can do’ lest the prospect of failure inhibit you.
  • Perhaps you must chart your own course while learning to navigate; perhaps there will always be ‘stars’ to guide you.
  • Perhaps your potential can only be realized with activity predicated on motivation and drive that had its inception in a meaningful, lasting goal.
  • Perhaps purpose must be clarified, believed to be viable and ‘put on a list of expectations’; perhaps perspective must then inform perseverance.
  • Perhaps self-determination is not necessarily self-actualization; perhaps ‘envisioning’ is a beginning that inspires but requires an intrepid will to become more than whimsy.
  • Perhaps you must find your own pace and learn when to rest and when to cantor; perhaps you should temper your sprinting or risk passing by important ‘sign posts’ and mesmerizing vistas.
  • Perhaps prioritizing tasks is an effective means of accomplishing; perhaps however, this habit may condone procrastination; perhaps ‘to get where you are going’ you must be attentive to your ‘little steps’.



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