This is an astounding ability. All animals REACT according to the dictates of instinct and conditioning. They experience something and make an immediate choice. Their lives are basically stimuli followed by reaction. That’s it. They go from one experience to another; they do not think about it, wonder about it. They just do it. But you, you lucky sod, you can STOP and contemplate what you experienced. Not only that, you can at any later date recall any experience and contemplate it … again and again. You have a limitless capacity to consider possibilities and to APPRECIATE all you encounter. Amazing! To be able to pause your reacting mechanism, reflect, ponder and ENJOY what flies through your mind. What a trip!

Swimming in the river you approach a large rock blocking your way. You think of various ways to deal with it: Squeeze ‘round it, dislodge it, obliterate it. You will figure something out. As you come closer you are quite taken by the rock’s speckled colors. They shimmer. The surface is jagged but smooth in places. You contemplate it. What is it made of? How did it form? How long has it been there? Something is growing in a crevice. How does this wavering, silky green survive? For how long? You want to know.

You probably take this type of observing for granted. Big deal. Wondering opens up worlds of questions, practical and mundane: Can you eat it? Weave it? Crush it for a dye? However, you often just gaze at an object entranced by its uniqueness. For no apparent reason. You enjoy contemplating it. You watch leaves vibrate, clouds changing shapes. Animals are especially appealing. You gaze often at pictures of bears and cats and dogs. Fascinating. And doesn’t that trash look interesting sitting there? What nice colors and look at the beautiful designs painted on the container. Maybe you should take pictures of it. Frame them. You are an artist. You’re daft!

Think about it. Unlike animals that react to the world around them in their determined way, you can contemplate things … for hours if you wish. With only this one uniqueness you are experiencing far beyond what nature demands. You are REFLECTING AND WONDERING. You are considering aspects that have nothing to do with survival or pleasure. You are bringing into consciousness a seemingly unbounded awe. There is no limit to this ability. You are boundless … and never more so than in your sense of BEAUTY.

close your eyes
empty your mind
think about one object
contemplate every aspect of it
perhaps a rug … its design, its colors, what type of material it is, how and where it was made, how old it is, how much it cost, what is it worth now, how did it get where it is, what kind of condition is it in, what lives in it, on it, what is it covering, what have others thought about it, what uses can you make of it when you cut it up, what would grandma think of this desecration, how much does it weigh …

You are being spiritual when you Wonder,

When you contemplate death.
When you ponder the necessity for gravity.
When you gaze at the Grand Canyon and feel elated.
When the rain on your window screen stirs your senses.
When you wonder why there is so much variety in the world.
When you become excited about 3-D images on your monitor.
When laughing spontaneously and reveling in this experience with others.
When clown faces and summersault feats by acrobats in the visiting circus enthrall you.
When you gasp with delight while discovering … grasping ‘new’ knowledge and insight.
When your ‘toes tap’ … fingers rap … to a captivating tune … when music is ‘stirring’ your soul.

become captivated by what you encounter … use all your senses … once you get into the habit of doing this there is so much that will enrich your life … there is nothing that does not hold fascination … from microbes to nebula … they all await your enthusiastic scrutiny … understand them … be ‘entranced’ by them … simple structures, vast complexities, natural or man-made … they can be overwhelming



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