Rules of behavior have been passed down through generations. ‘Modern’ accommodations to community solidarity are added. But is there something else, something whispering inside you that ‘gives you pause’ before you make a decision? Is there a ‘law’ that is universal for human beings only: … a sense of good and bad, right and wrong? You obviously feel guilty and ashamed at times. You hurt someone and feel rotten. Why? You somehow know more than what reason can discern and what the world demands. You MUST consider what you think and what you do on a much deeper level. You have a motivation to care. You have a conscience.

Through the murky waters you notice some paying homage to little carvings they have made. You make a similar icon for yourself. You consult it often, imploring, seeking direction. With this little talisman you gain confidence. You feel safe. You can deal with threats. You can make more informed decisions. Ah oh, you lost it. You acquire someone else’s. Not bad. It works. Or does it? Mmm. You let it go. You swim by yourself for a while. You don’t know, but you feel fairly certain you are not alone. You hear a faint voice giving you advice. You try to listen. ‘Messages’ seem clearer. So does the water. Amazing.

There a voice within you, within everyone, that speaks volumes concerning kindness, justice, truth and more? Are man-made rules of conduct reflections of some internal admonition to be respectful? Is the Golden Rule “Do Unto Others” something you have to be told? You know the answer. You should be kind and just because you should be. Not because the world tells you to be. You want to be good and do ‘good’ for its own sake. In trying to do ‘the right thing’ you are being spiritual. For deep within you, you know you must care. You must LOVE.

in a forest imagine
cutting down all the trees,
beating all the squirrels over the head,
lying in wait with a rifle in order to shoot passers-by
wonder why you would not do this
think of the nicest person you have known
contemplate what qualities this person has that appeal to you
think of the most despicable individual you wish you did not know
consider why


You are being spiritual when you rely on your Conscience,

When treachery makes you ill.
When you forfeit your ‘ill begotten’ gains.
When you become vocal in defense of injustice.
When you eschew prejudice in all its incarnations.
When the last albatross has been caught and eaten and you scream.
When you acknowledge the dignity and spirituality of each individual.
When tears stream down your face as you witness ‘justifiable’ murder.
When you are about to ‘squish’ an ant … take a close look at its anatomy: legs, antenna, body parts … watching its movements … wondering what it ate for lunch and decide to let it live.
When you begin reading someone’s biography saying “I despise this person, I really hate this individual, I wish they were in hell” … then proceeding … wondering why your harsh pronouncement was unseemly.
When you come upon an old lady walking with a cane in a vacant lot. … follow her telling yourself you are going to knock her down and grab her walking stick … and realize you cannot do this … ever.
WARNING: If you are a troubled spirit and want to knock her down, please seek help!

have confidence in the ‘quiet’ murmurings of your heart … guiding you … always

as long as you care and strive to love … more and more … you needn’t worry about corrupting this ability to consider morality
renew your efforts constantly to ‘follow the dictates of your conscience’

though society has told you how to behave,
deep within you, you KNOW what is just, what is kind
have faith in this all-embracing awareness … it is telling you emphatically that you are not alone

your spirit is connected to ‘Something’ beyond … always there for you … whispering.



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