Beyond being satiated or satisfied you can occasionally experience inner peace … a fullness/completeness in your heart … an elation which overwhelms you surprisingly … briefly. You cannot explain it … this moment of ecstasy … a peek into the Eternal. You are a being beyond the bounds of time and matter.

The river run glides you peacefully. You have been swimming steadily … valiantly … for quite some time. Everyone and everything impresses you. Understanding, respect and a sense of awe have ‘expanded’ your consciousness. You come up for air more often. You appreciate the riverbank images more than ever before. You even gloat with a feeling of certainty. Soon you will be filled with joy … part of the river no more.

Happiness may be a state that comes to you only fleetingly. Life is filled with its physical and mental demands. But you know, truly know that you have a capacity for joy. Nothing ‘tells’ you this more than the loving feelings you have for another. When you are unstintingly caring, ignoring even eschewing your own self-interest, you are ‘touched’ deep within by an indescribably giddiness. This childlike ecstasy is more than just a dream.

tell someone they are wonderful
stroke a pet
do something nice for an acquaintance
give a stranger a gift
close your eyes
contemplate the joy you can bring to others
think of ways to do this
deep within, make a commitment to your loving
appreciate YOUR inner joy that loving provides
gain confidence daily from the fullness within you
know that your attention to caring is what you are all about

You are being spiritual when experiencing Joy,

When peace truly reigns in your heart.
When tireless efforts have realized a dream.
When a newborn baby cries for the first time and you ‘shudder’.
When ‘coming to rest’ after risk and hardship rescuing another.
When welcoming home wayward or long-lost brethren with ecstatic jubilation.
When sharing intimacy with a kindred spirit both being ecstatic over ‘discovery’.
When your heart ‘races’ with the expectation of sharing space with your beloved.
When the power of your will has increased awareness, respect and altruism in others.
When you are filled with loving feelings for someone and a momentary bliss envelopes you and takes you for a ride.
When looking up into the sky … happy to be alive … sensing a connectedness to everything, to everyone, to something beyond.
Fantasy or a profound reality??

treasured moments should give you the impetus to persevere
while enduring pain and pleasure, ‘highs and lows’, you will occasionally experience an indescribable completeness … your being will be overwhelmed by a glimmer of Beauty, Pure Love … you must trust that this is meant for you … It is a beacon that never stops shining … encouraging you to love … welcoming you to LOVE.
look forward to experiencing joy again and again … and forever.


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