Why are we stuck in our bodies? And why is it not clearer what our purpose is?

Ever ask yourself these questions? Well, you must begin your growth process somewhere! Call it the Creator’s Plan: YOU, an astounding awareness and potential, are placed in a physical vessel. You become part of a vibrant, ever changing molecular world. A world in which you are but one of many life forms, an animal with instinct and drives … trying to survive for awhile much like other animals. You can dominate the world around you. You procreate and protect. You live and die … for no particular purpose … physically that is. What you do and say will soon become a memory … and then not even that. For legacies will also disappear as progeny dies out.

So you learn not to take your physical life too seriously. You look elsewhere for meaning. Poems, songs and lovers throughout the ages repeat a common refrain: “I will love you forever.” This is not just idle wishing. There is an expectation that somehow you are capable of existence beyond the physical. When you are cultivating your unique abilities you ‘know’ you are preparing for a non-physical existence. You are always naturally battling for survival but at the same time you are growing in a non-physical way.

For YOU ARE NOT JUST YOUR BODY. You are much, much more. Your body is a vehicle. You are now integrally part of it. You experience through it. You use it as a tool. You react to all you encounter with an awesome array of skills. You develop talents and participate effectively in the physical world. But more importantly, you are developing spiritually … the purpose of your existence! You are a being, very real and very complex, who truly lives in another dimension. Though you cannot fully appreciate this while entrenched in your body, your spiritual life is always very apparent.

You alone can understand the physical world and you alone can decide to alter it. You reflect on what is. You decide what can be. You soar to the ‘heavens’ both physically and figuratively. Imagination, creativity, awe of beauty, the ability to remake yourself and the world and your astonishing acts of loving … these are beyond matter, beyond natural. You are in your body to learn and grow. A mysterious Plan for engendering love.

But why is this not obvious? You are part of a process: You cultivating you. You are always making decisions … choosing ‘what is best’ … for YOU and for OTHER. You can go through life believing that YOU is all that matters. Or you can develop habits of caring. Throughout your life you exercise free will. Without it you would not be you. You are living your life, moment to moment, in a very personal, individual quest. Physical and mental challenges keep you busy. Entrenched in your body … for now … you cannot appreciate nor understand The Grand Design … even though throughout the ages sages and religions have eluded to it … acknowledged it. When you die … perhaps it will become apparent.


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