YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THESE. What? “I’ve gone this far” you say. That’s nice. But in this question and answer ‘clarification’ you may be offended. No? Not you? Are you sure? You may find some of your grounding, security beliefs threatened.

Considering yourself a spiritual entity who can grow by using your ability to love should have quite an impact on you. This is especially true if you understand loving to be a ‘leaving of self for other’ and a very personal commitment. For most traditional views depend on a belief in revealed ‘truths’. These tell you what you ‘must do’ to be accepted into ‘heaven’. They are often superficial and contrived out of fear and expediency. “Tell the rabble what to do and they will be easier to manage. After all, we are telling them what ‘god’ wants.” How many justifications for ‘laws’ have been conjured up over the centuries? Anyway … you have a clear choice to make: You can go on accepting some or all of what you have been taught. THIS IS FINE!! … as long as you are a caring human being … renewing your efforts to love more and more each day.

Or you can start viewing yourself as a spiritual entity with abilities that make you unique, that help you grow. You can depend on YOUR resources for realizing your potential. For they remain constant despite your credos, your supplications and your pious murmurings and actions.

So … are you up for some blunt ponderings?? … considerations of sacrosanct ideas?? Good for you. Hopefully you can eliminate stultifying fears and live your life more sensibly.


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