You are unique in this universe. You are the culmination of a biological process that has brought you to the apex of all life forms. Your physical abilities … your dexterity, adaptability, acute senses … have made you the most powerful creature on earth. Very nice indeed but trivial compared to your spiritual abilities. They set you apart … completely. You are UNIQUE. You appreciate and find meaning in all things. Nothing escapes your awareness. More than just being able to remake the world, you can realize a spiritual potential that culminates in a being not dependent on matter.

When you smile at the beautiful reflections in the water, you are exhibiting the most phenomenal gift the world will ever know. The love you have for all things opens a magnanimous ‘heart’ that grows as it cares. Know that ALL WILL PASS AWAY SAVE FOR THE LOVING BEING YOU HAVE BECOME.

Never doubt that there is meaning in your existence. Wonder, imagine and love more and more and you will know … WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE.

Perhaps an open mind always seeking, trying to understand more about what is, should be a daily habit that is enjoyable and never intimidating. Perhaps our greatest asset is our imagination which experiences the mundane with insatiable wonderment and the inherent challenge: What might it be.

You are not alone. Deep within, you are blessed with a ‘Guide’ who prevails without encumbrance. You can seek inspiration … always … but you must be humble, receptive and flexible. Transcendent verities are whispering gently. They inform your senses. Nature, song, artful awareness’s and insights … they can give you solace and nudge you towards a fulfilling union. The Spirit is always pulling you closer to the Light.

And YOU … EVERYONE should share the accruing, practical wisdom which guides and prods us towards our common goal: EVERLASTING LOVE.

Practical Wisdom

  • All things beautiful are found in your ‘heart’.
  • Renew your efforts to love many times a day.
  • Friendship is gracious welcoming of inner selves.
  • Find beauty in all things … nothing is beyond your appreciation.
  • Accept your mortality; do not take your body too seriously for it will soon dissolve.
  • Never hesitate to question … anything, everything; a conscientious soul has no fear.
  • Do not define yourself by profession or possessions; look to where your smile comes from.
  • Everyone, every thing you encounter has complexity and purpose. Keep your heart open to ALL. Constantly motivate your magnanimous spirit.
  • Listen quietly each day to your inner voice. You will always find solace. Keeping the world at bay regularly will lead to self-discovery: Who you really are and what you are truly about.
  • Be honest in acknowledging habits that have become impediments to loving. You can always overcome them by replacing them with positive goals and persevering. Life is so very short. Relish the ongoing drama but never succumb to complacency.
  • There are no strangers only myopic individuals.
  • Everyone is a spiritual being seeking ways to love.
  • Your inner self is real; your outer self only an illusion.
  • Dissolution of all things is a certainty with one exception: The human spirit.
  • No matter how brilliant or knowledgeable a person is they can only take in a minuscule amount of reality.
  • Sex is a means not an end.
  • When pleasure becomes a god you lose your godliness.
  • Understanding and manipulating the physical world for safety and comfort can be noble… when in so doing you are learning to love. For without caring, life’s accomplishments have no purpose.
  • The domain you truly control is not land, not possessions but the vistas you transverse in your heart and in your mind.
  • What you do counts for little; what you become is all that matters.
  • Having faith in certain doctrines can give you solace. But if pride and condescension alienate you from others, your beliefs are proving to be a great disservice.
  • Love your god, love your creed, embrace whatever seems true. However believing should never impede your life’s work: Living each day with an open, receptive heart … loving more … and … more … everyone and everything.
  • Accept pain before it happens.
  • Extricate anger as quickly as possible.
  • Know you are not alone … your spirit resides in SPIRIT.
  • Ask “Who are the happiest people in the world?” Emulate them.
  • Have confidence that your reason for being is to LOVE for eternity.
  • Find joy in ‘little things’; be receptive and open ‘new worlds’ daily.
  • As a book title once exhorted: “Light as many lamps” as possible including your own.
  • Always look for the INTERIOR person; it is not the ‘package’ that matters … only what is inside.
  • Be in awe of beauty many times a day. With your eyes closed enjoy these experiences again and again.
  • Develop habits of smiling, laughing, singing, humming, hugging, whistling … anything that provokes giddiness in your heart.
  • You are 99.99% like everyone else. Genomes, DNA show this. Know yourself, know everyone. Appreciate and respect the differences.


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