also Belief, God, Heaven, Reality, Superstition

You are a creature of habit. You want to stay in a safe place. Believing what everyone around you does is one way. Having faith in this or that, following the dictates of ‘revealed’ truths, this is necessary for you. You must have confidence in something, some power, some knowledge. What is good, what is right, what you should do, what you should avoid. But remember, all belief systems are inventions. They are fearful reactions to the unknown. The ‘truth’ is what you and scores before you have made it.

Today people still hold to ancient beliefs. Gradually though, past naiveties, fears, conformities are being better understood. Placating wrathful gods with sacrifices and bowing down to conjured, anthropomorphic beings… these allayed anxieties in the past, gave a certain meaning to life and suffering. But with science, technology and information pervading the world, a more enlightened view of mankind’s nature and purpose is slowly emerging. People still feel they are part of some plan… destined for an eternal life. They still feel there is a POWER responsible for existence. So, though there is the inevitable vacillating between time-honored dogma supported by faith and a seeking after rational explanations, mankind is inexorably changing basic assumptions. Religions with their own particular gods and demons are becoming anachronistic. AND the transcendent spirit within man is becoming much more apparent.

Future generations will understand two great truths:  The POWER that encompasses all is the POWER within. LOVING is the exercise of that POWER.

You should respect and use this POWER. It is unique in the universe. Only you are capable of conscious contemplating, reflecting on what you observe and considering what might be. Never is there a moment when observations and mulling over something won’t yield new insights. These can be uplifting, informative, soul searching or just fun. Wondering about the world around you opens up so much. The habit of taking in and digesting what you experience can be a source of growth and excitement. Each day offers adventure:  observing a fly or a light bulb filament, the flamboyant gait of a young child or cloud formations… opportunities are limitless. Asking the why’s and how’s is not necessary and can prove daunting. But sincere inquiries even if it is only in your own mind…  this can enrich your life. Never be fearful of using this gift. For you are the part of creation that can understand and appreciate… everything.

Now please don’t become confused. This is not a threat to what you believe. Nor a belittling, a denigrating. On the contrary. Your faith is important. If it truly helps you GROW THROUGH LOVING, it is vital and efficacious. Respecting, even loving Christ and the saints, Yahweh, Buddha… if this truly helps you care for what is outside you, then all is well. You need never worry about ultimate truths. They are mysteries, superfluous to your personal growth. Be you strong or weak, brilliant or dumb, rich or poor, an avid follower of organized religion or an agnostic, YOUR REASON FOR BEING IS TO LOVE… MORE AND MORE. You will always be in a safe place as long as you are loving.



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