“Please help me my God.” “Give me strength.” “I praise Thee with my whole heart.” Words sincerely uttered by many in one form or another around the world each day. Naïve? Presumptuous? Is there an omniscient One listening? Hearing everyone? Being selective, favoring only a few? Appointing ethereal emissaries to intervene? Or are these supplications futile, a complete waste of time and energy? Or maybe they are ALWAYS fruitful if for no other reason than they provide solace to the supplicant? What do you think?

Since this is such a ubiquitous form of communication it must meet the needs of a great many people. Some find group worship and recitations helpful. Witness Moslems bowing down daily while facing Mecca, Catholics attending Mass and Hindus chanting. These practices are certainly effective in bringing people together and nurturing a sense of community. Strengthening bonds between people is certainly worthwhile: maintains the peace, the community functions harmoniously. And more than this, fears and feelings of helplessness are assuaged. People in groups always feel more secure and more powerful. This is true in all endeavors. And in worshiping together, congregants have their beliefs reinforced and their prayers made more efficacious. Certainly their God is listening.

But with this adherence to a particular belief and mode of deity communication it is tempting to castigate those who do not agree. This too often becomes a justification for condescension even hatred. What a pathetic irony when a religion espouses a ‘love your fellow man’ dictum but condemns diverse, sincere efforts at dialogue with the same God. Of course other methods of communicating with God pose a threat. Maybe they are more effective. Or maybe they are insulting. Cannot have that. And so it goes. Centuries of violence vindicated by tenaciously held beliefs … especially in the proper ways of worshiping ‘the One True God’. Hopefully future generations will realize the absurdity of this rigid, religious oriented xenophobia and abandon it. For there are a ‘thousand’ approaches to the Sacred. And all should be respected!!

Certainly there are many who have an ongoing dialogue with their own personal God. This may take the form of quiet, thankful utterances: “Thank You Lord for Your love, for the beautiful child you have given me.” “Thank you for the Strength to carry on.” “Thy will will be done, please show me the way.” Some may prefer beads, chanting or outlandish displays of reverence. Listen to a vibrant ‘spiritual’ shaking the rafters and feel the beauty and power it conveys. What God could ignore this?

So many sincere hearts opening to an Inner Voice that is always present, always receptive. This is one of the true joys of being human. You are never alone. You are an integral part of creation that resonates with dialogue. You ‘feel’ deep within. You are in awe of the beauty and vibrancy in the world. You face constant challenges in your life. Sometimes the hurt is ‘deep’. Sometimes you cry. But the Strength to prevail is always there. Your heart knows God, knows God cares. For the Divine is everywhere and most comfortably in your heart. Say “I love you to yourself… to the Beauty within. And it will be so much easier to say “I love you” to the world. What a wonderful prayer.




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