You are part of an awesome intricacy. Elements depend on and influence other elements. Every experience in your life begins through your senses. You have little choice but to react.

However, the more you understand the workings of nature the better chance you have of making wise decisions. There are countless elemental responses you develop early in life. Donít touch the hot fire Ö dress for the frigid weather. Then there is the onslaught of disease, infections and so forth. You quickly learn to wash and avoid contaminants. The world of medicine and treatments becomes very important. You want to survive. You want to be relatively comfortable.

But there is so much more to the natural world than threats. Yes, your body will always be fending off an indomitable adversary that will eventually triumph. And yes, you will have your share of discomfort and pain along the way. Accept it and deal with it. Develop a little stoicism to keep yourself from succumbing to bodily obsessions. Nothing more pathetic than someone wasting a lot of energy on an edifice that will eventually disintegrate.

Turn your attention to the wonders of the universe. Enjoy the awesome designs, the spectacular interplays and colors. There is no end to discovery, to enthrallment with life forms and even with the apparent inanimate. There is NOTHING that cannot provoke interest and inquiry. Learn a little about nature and LIVE WITH DELIGHT.



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