You want to kill’em. You WILL diet. Time to pay your bills and be more responsible. Before each decision or commitment: A motive. Always. And what precedes this? A complex ‘stirring’ of experiences and attitudes. You were betrayed!! Find the poison. Can’t fit into your clothing. Starve yourself. Phone calls threatening to cut off ‘services’. Find another job. A never ending array of challenges and tribulations confront you daily. So … is there a ‘means’ to effectively deal with them? With confidence? Most of the time? Of course.

What ‘moves’ you to ‘act’ … either mentally or physically is predicated on your perceptions and reactions. And these are determined by your state of mind, your ‘needs’ and ‘desires’ and your ‘strength’ or dearth of empathy and caring. Your emotions can incite you. Often a mistake … even disastrous. Have another drink … relaxes you … you become more sociable. Do you give money to the beggar? How much?

You try to keep your life simple … not always easy. Deciding is often daunting. However, there is a YOU at the helm … in a ‘quiet, unassailable ‘cabin’ ‘peeking out’ taking it ‘all’ in. YOU the “Captain of your fate.” And throughout your ‘voyage’ YOU have been nurturing ‘character’, a sense of responsibility and compassion … a dedication to virtues predicated on love. Your choices are ‘correct’ … positive because of your steady faith and reliance on an Inner Voice ALWAYS whispering “you care” … you truly care for yourself and the world around you. You never relent on doing what is considerate and supportive … to all beings, to all of creation. And while exercising your astounding ability to will you can ‘reflect’ and ponder. You have experience. You rely on a moral code for direction. You have complete confidence in your motives. For you are guided by the only true Power in the universe: The Power to love.

And when the tyrants of bodily functions, ego exalting, territorial defenses, primitive power drives and condescension’s towards others ‘bludgeon’ you with crass admonitions to do what is best for you and invectives denouncing others as ‘lesser’ … remember … LOVING IS FOREVER. Nothing else. So constantly renew your efforts. You will know how well you are doing by what is motivating you.




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