You are sitting in a movie theatre. A romance is playing. Two attractive strangers meet. You want them to fall in love. You expect this to happen and throughout the film you cling to hope. “Come on, come on.” “Kiss.” “Slobber all over each other; make love.” Amazing … the power that drives you to feel so intensely … for people you don’t even know. How much a part of your daily life is this driving expectation, this unrelenting wishful ness that ardently coaxes conviction?

“What will be will be.” Not a bad attitude. Fatalistic though. You may even feel “why try?” You do not have control over most ‘things’. A swirling hurricane is coming your way. You cannot stop it; that’s for sure. What should you do? Batten down the hatches. Find a safe place. You decide to be ‘positive’. You will get through it and live to see another day. A little hope motivates you. Store water, find candles … some canned tuna.

You always have the power to choose: Resignation to your fate … or an active part in determining it. You can do little or nothing or you can activate a dynamic energy that sustains you in the face of all obstacles. With a little knowledge, understanding and perseverance you can face most challenges optimistically. But you do need confidence and with it a realistic hope that will sustain your efforts.

So what is this ingredient in you that says “I can do; I will do?” What makes you so confident? You have talent, ability. Modern technology provides unbelievable means for accomplishing. But what pushes you, what drives you to progress? Could it be that whether you are dealing with insignificant tasks: Getting dressed, doing a job, or facing extraordinary challenges: Fighting a war, overcoming tragedy … you can always exercise your power to will. Somehow you are able to encapsulate all the variables of what looms expectantly in the forefront of your consciousness and say “Bring it on!” Naively or courageously you think positively. You know you can get through it. You have hope. Perhaps this emanates from a deep-seated striving for perfection … that you know you can attain. Perhaps being a spiritual entity all things are possible.

CONSIDER: What ‘can get done’ without hope? Cures for diseases, educating the masses, eliminating hunger, world peace. Many must ‘get together’ and believe they can ‘make a difference’. They will. Will you?




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