“Tempest fugit.”  Time flies. Just ask any ‘old’ person. They will tell you it was only yesterday that they were young. So fill your days with accomplishing. Gain a little knowledge, develop skills, and most important, keep ‘pushing’ yourself. Renew commitments, set goals, plan most days and strive diligently. For too quickly your energies and enthusiasm diminish.

Rely on ‘worthy’ motivation and ingrained, effective habits. They can keep you focused and disciplined. Consider the alternative: Laziness and procrastination, legacies from primate behaviors. Observe the sedentary gorilla. ‘He’ often basks in comfort and safety. Nothing wrong with that. Ensconce yourself in front of the television. Munch. Imbibe, what have you. But a life constantly escaping into inertia is a life wasted. You should never become complacent justifying your inactivity with “I have worked hard, now I can rest.”  This attitude can become a daily mantra. It can lull you into constant passivity. And the longer you ‘vegetate’ the more difficult it will be to motivate and energize yourself.

You must portion your ‘down times’ judiciously. Seek meaningful activity. Give your life additional ‘purpose’. Set attainable goals no matter how inconsequential. Yes, you need rest, a relief from stress. And of course tedium, repetitive mental exertions, should be put ‘on hold’ occasionally. ‘Peace of mind’ is important. Reinvigorate yourself by developing hobbies, participating in sports. You may volunteer, become ‘politically involved’. Maybe art, music or writing ‘floats your boat’. Choose, make a commitment and forge another ‘accomplishing you’.

Activities that redirect your energies should be pursued. You will be healthier and happier filling your days with purpose and accomplishment. Never stop striving. Constantly coax yourself into trying ‘new things’. There is a ‘world’ of challenges ‘outside your door’. Open it, walk through it often. You will never stagnate. Your time is precious. Do not squander it.



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