The wheel got us moving more rapidly. Motors, engines, rockets propelled us faster and faster … 17,000 miles per hour in outer space. An impressive feat. Could we do any better? Mmm? How ‘bout 4 trillion miles per second? What’s that?? A fantasy? Macho posturing? “I’ve got the fastest ‘processor’ in the West.”  ‘til the East builds a speedier one. Brainy earthlings have recently devised technology to compute data instantly. Time measurements are now in milliseconds.

Every endeavor of ‘man’ has been profoundly affected by this extraordinary processing speed. Manufacturing, travel, communication … all more efficient thanks to computers. Instant transactions have become vital. One example, EBay’s worldwide marketing, has provided the means to buy and sell quickly and safely throughout the world. Searching for something? Find it on the Internet. Not only product but information on any topic. ‘Google’ it … you will be presented with ‘links’ to a wellspring of information. Software can now translate. Language barriers are disappearing. You can ‘share’ yourself with others around the globe. Truly amazing … and certainly revolutionary. Ideas that may have taken ‘generations’ to disseminate can now be ‘jogging’ minds instantly. A powerful tool for change wouldn’t you say?

So how is this affecting us? Where are we headed? What should our concerns be? Let’s keep it simple. Your AWARENESS, your COMPULSION TO IMPROVE, your ABILITY TO SHARE and your POTENTIAL TO KNOW AND ACT … these very human drives are ‘spinning’ valiantly with little inhibition. Whatever your particular pursuit you have more confidence than ever before. ‘Realizing’ goals is easier and easier. Whether watching yourself on a screen deftly performing laser surgery or conducting business with someone halfway ‘round the globe … you are riding a wondrous tidal wave of innovation. And nothing would seem more important than the joining together of those in the forefront for the sake of those ‘in need’.

Is it unreasonable to hope that wealthy, technologically advanced countries will make serious commitments to aiding others? Dire circumstances appear on ‘screens’ daily. Famine, genocide, natural catastrophes … these ‘cry out’ for attention. And certainly many respond. But … there is always a ‘but’ … there is an ever widening gap between what is available to the ‘poorest’ and the abundance found elsewhere. Perhaps the greatest impediment to peace in the world is this disparity. For the ‘dispossessed’ are aware of this and they resent it. Satiated countries are perceived to be tyrants. They hog resources and dictate policies. They thrive complacently in their materialism and excess. They dole out morsels when it is convenient. Their astounding technology makes this situation intolerable.

Every person on the globe can be ‘reached’. The impoverished can be fed and taught skills. The ignorant can be educated. Commitments by those with the means must be made. Clear, honorable goals should pose no threats. Diminishing inequities while respecting cultures and independence can become a worldwide endeavor. And guess what device will facilitate this egalitarianism?? Ubiquitous ‘processors’.

What is common in the West … access to the internet for example … is slowly making inroads on every continent. China and India are already ‘linked’. Commerce and exchange of ideas are building vital bridges for a new ‘world order’.

This is just the beginning. Enlightened, dynamic leadership must be prodded to enthusiastically outline goals for increasing ‘interchange’. Villages throughout the world must be made aware that they are becoming part of a global community … one that is benign even altruistic. When the downtrodden realize this they will ‘throw off the yoke’ of tyrants and hate mongers. There can be hope and expectation that circumstances will improve.

Pollyanna? Not at all. It will happen. Mindless carnage may impede progress but your AWARENESS, your COMPULSION TO IMPROVE, your COMMITMENT TO SHARING and your POTENTIAL TO KNOW AND ACT … these will triumph over rigid, primitivism that finds refuge in myopic, medieval attitudes. Women and the ‘lower castes’ will no longer be regarded as second class citizens. Everyone, everywhere will be respected … if for nothing else than their potential to grow … both temporally and spiritually.

You reading this now:  You can help make this happen. Commit to love and you will. Oh yea … developing skills on the computer is a good idea.



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