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A futile, cosmic attempt at permanence.

All things known ‘coloured’ by all things imagined.

A moving ‘roundish’ ball to which we cling … wondering why.

A blue dot in the cosmos that somehow evolved to know itself.

For all of us our home where we experience the same things differently.

The ‘residue’ of what passes in and out of our mushy, little, cerebral ‘box’.

A breathtaking, floating image we have of a bluish ball pulsating ‘with purpose’ in a black void.

Cohesive, fragmented body of matter, energized, covered with changing shapes and temporary life forms.

A wondrous conglomeration of connected, structured molecules both inanimate and animated and only appreciated by you and your kind.

A quiet, confined ‘place’ without discernable walls that each person finds themselves in not knowing exactly how and why they arrived nor where they might be ‘off to’.

  • Perhaps a world is a world only when ‘stuff’ appears connected.
  • Perhaps the world is what we perceive it to be; perhaps there are as many worlds as there are people.
  • Perhaps the world for us is not the world for any other creature; perhaps we alone create the ‘world’ daily.
  • Perhaps there are three ‘worlds’: The solid, the sentient and the spiritual; perhaps only the later remains intact.
  • Perhaps a world is a concept of something whole and complete that allows us to view complexity simplistically.
  • Perhaps the vastness of what we perceive prods our optimistic, presumptuous nature to envision limitless possibilities.
  • Perhaps rearranging the elements to suit our purpose has enabled us to play god; perhaps we too often ignore this responsibility.
  • Perhaps our momentary flight of awareness prepares us for unimagined release and spectacle; perhaps the cosmos is but a chrysalis.
  • Perhaps there are worlds within worlds within worlds that are always changing and dependent upon each other without ever knowing it.
  • Perhaps those who ‘glory’ in the dawn of each new day appreciating the experiences, the constant learning and the exhilarating growth through loving … perhaps they are the ones living in the ‘real world’.



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