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A light falling on shadows.

Realizing nothing is strange.

Invitations to interpretations.

Contemplation for its own sake.

A ‘battery’ charging from many sources.

‘Impressions’ bouncing blithely ‘round in your mind.

Inspecting items that come into your house; envisioning places for them.

Abandoning prejudices and desires while encouraging honest assessments.

Experiencing what becomes a greater reality because you have embraced it.

Acknowledging all things have presence and worth; pondering them because you must.

  • Perhaps the splendor astounding you exists only for you.
  • Perhaps the spirit within is always seeking the spirit without.
  • Perhaps you are most ‘alive’ when receptive to all you encounter.
  • Perhaps only you can wonder, reflect and ponder, for only you do not dissemble.
  • Perhaps when you reflect on images and experiences you exist beyond time and matter.
  • Perhaps you can never be satisfied because you are an infinite questioner sequestered in a finite world.
  • Perhaps the entire world can fit into your mind for scrutiny; perhaps you play god when you rearrange things.
  • Perhaps though you are a mere fleck in the universe you are part of a reality that encompasses so much more.
  • Perhaps you are briefly satiated when you absorb what you have just learned; perhaps this joy of discovery transcends the mundane.
  • Perhaps your unseen feelings of awe when experiencing new life, nature’s intricate designs and interactions reveal a boundless capacity for appreciating and understanding.



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