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Insanity elevated to an art form.

The antithesis of life and all that life can be.

The abandonment of reason, the beginning of chaos.

Aggression, carnage, regrouping, despair and repair.

Confrontation that continues to escalate with enthusiasm.

Eruption of destructive, self perpetuating passions … often cyclical.

Brief exercise of powers which indoctrinate and decimate temporarily.

Vicious mass ego mania hysterically espousing blood letting of a ‘conjured’ enemy.

An excuse for venting rage and using whatever means available to control or obliterate others.

Thoughts, voices and actions attempting to eradicate ‘threatening’ thoughts, voices and actions.

  • Perhaps conflagrations are essential for culling.
  • Perhaps opposition presents opportunities for innovation.
  • Perhaps the world will remain in turmoil ‘til it is united with a common purpose.
  • Perhaps challenge to the caring heart’s commitment to love is the only conflict that must be won.
  • Perhaps as long as covetousness in all its guises motivates the will to conquer prevails.
  • Perhaps creatures confront reflexively; perhaps you alone can dare, glare and snare then gulp some air and remain calm.
  • Perhaps peace and prosperity are only possible when all parties accept an egalitarian ethic that encourages mutual respect.
  • Perhaps leaders must share informed perspective and conscientious reflection with their citizens; perhaps all must be prepared for threats while relying on diplomacy to reach accommodations and avoid calamities.
  • Perhaps primitive, clannish behavior, "I'm right, I'm the best," will eventually disappear yielding to universal respect for the individual and ‘his’ potential.
  • Perhaps a thousand years hence our progeny will condescendingly wonder why we were so slow in sharing our common goals of peace, understanding, growth … why we were constantly striving for power over others … why we accepted retribution and hate as legitimate motives … why barbarities, implements of human violence and destruction were not summarily condemned and why we could not embrace magnanimousness.



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