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Receptiveness to love.

Power that never abates.

Always smiling on the ‘inside’.

Human motivation that ‘builds’.

Mutual caresses between ‘man’ and Spirit.

Espousal of moderation and considerateness.

Seemingly gleaming veneer that is actually integral.

The subtle, constant coaxing within to be more complete.

Never seen, never heard, always recognized: A spiritual luminescence ‘lighting’ dark places.

What constantly reminds us that we have formed a kinship with Supreme order and justice.

  • Perhaps one virtue begets another.
  • Perhaps ‘good’ acts are candy for the soul.
  • Perhaps the energy in a conscientious heart is limitless.
  • Perhaps only the virtuous can be optimistic about their fate.
  • Perhaps only the human heart recognizes the path to ecstasy.
  • Perhaps the road to happiness is truly paved with good intentions.
  • Perhaps the only ‘substance’ that can truly be transformed abides in you.
  • Perhaps eschewing principles has left many searching fruitlessly for purpose and direction.
  • Perhaps to be a ‘saint’ one must embrace altruism which is constantly rewarded with transcendent moments.
  • Perhaps we feel virtuous when experiencing peaceful trust in the ultimate meaningfulness of our thoughts and actions.



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