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Capitulating to savagery.

One method of venting anger.

A primitive means for resolving problems.

Contention that exceeds the bounds of civility.

Two forces clashing and diminishing each other.

Altering or inhibiting the functioning of a life form.

Essential for certain changes in nature and human society.

Part of the vicious circle that perpetuates retribution and hate.

Justifiable in defense; condemnable when just an exercise of power and subjugation.

An increasingly more facile ‘exercise in damaging’ due to aloofness while employing weapons that murder on a screen.

  • Perhaps the price of peace is pain.
  • Perhaps violence is nature’s way of reorganizing.
  • Perhaps you cannot kill without losing part of yourself.
  • Perhaps the threat of earth’s annihilation has tempered drives for dominance.
  • Perhaps attempts to possess, control or seek retribution are preceded by a commitment to violence.
  • Perhaps you are subject to the whims of the inevitable; perhaps the feisty, rebel within always rails against this.
  • Perhaps all life is subject to violent activity; perhaps we are alone in diminishing it and considering viable alternatives.
  • Perhaps ideals, naiveté, complacency and dependency lead to vulnerability that attracts the unscrupulous, opportunistic predator.
  • Perhaps an animal eating an animal differs from a human who considers rules; perhaps only ‘man’ must ponder responsibility and morality.
  • Perhaps expeditious accommodations during the past millennia have been more than just survival imperatives; perhaps our astounding reflective natures have grasped life’s potential and the absurdity of threats to it; perhaps we now realize all life has merit and deserves respect; perhaps we ‘know’ there is no such thing as better … only different.



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