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Obsession with image.

Constantly polishing the veneer.

Certainty that you are all that matters.

Obstinately ‘clutching’ a self-grandiosity myth.

Traveling gracefully despite the heavy baggage.

Inordinate concern with what people think of you and your stuff.

A common trap that ensnares the ego with the lure of attention.

Self-deception that packaging is more important than substance.

Incessantly devising attractive presentations of personal accoutrements.

Ageless irony in ‘harmonious’, human relations which are often sustained by respect for ‘masks’.

  • Perhaps all is vanity ‘save’ what we accrue by loving.
  • Perhaps obsession with appearance undermines commitments to altruism.
  • Perhaps the confidence we have in proper etiquette leaves us vulnerable to duplicity.
  • Perhaps, to paraphrase a poet, too many of us know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  • Perhaps after the light fades out on life’s accomplishments and trophies only a loving heart remains illuminated.
  • Perhaps when we constantly yield to habits of accommodation we are betraying our youthful spontaneity and honesty.
  • Perhaps youthful preening is a necessary prelude to attracting and coupling; perhaps maturity is more concerned with grooming character.
  • Perhaps self-indulgent imagination that touts whimsy while ignoring or even disdaining values is the wonton child of modern exhibitionism and hedonism.
  • Perhaps the facades, the veneers of our houses, cars and bodies, can successfully garner acceptance even admiration; perhaps the ‘constructed edifices’ can easily obscure the turmoil within.
  • Perhaps society’s tenacious conformity sustains a comfortable vanity that embraces what is common and expedient; perhaps the mass psyche’s entrancement with movie and television images epitomizes this.



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