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Relief from the tedium of ‘sameness’.

An excursion sustained by expectation or hope.

An expedient means for exchanging savings for debt.

Attempt to replace routine with serendipity for awhile.

Blithely ‘sharing’ your excreta with the ‘rest of the world’.

Valiantly or through coercion leaving security for paranoia.

A quest for shared, memorable activities away from ‘home’.

Imaginative perspectives and expectations yielding to reality.

While transporting our essentials … acquiring what we don't need.

A means for the self-indulgent to unabashedly embrace sloth and excess, surfeiting on pleasures and acquisitions.

  • Perhaps if the highlight of one’s year is vacation one needs to ‘get a life’.
  • Perhaps travel hype panders to our wishful thinking we would be happier elsewhere.
  • Perhaps the peace we find being in another place should tell us we need to make changes at home.
  • Perhaps for some the obsession of ‘faraway’ destination is always replaced by ‘destination home’.
  • Perhaps only when worry and frustration disappear are we truly on vacation; perhaps for many this is not possible.
  • Perhaps nothing has done more to break down barriers of ignorance and intolerance than people traveling to foreign shores.
  • Perhaps vicarious, passive experiencing of people and places can stoke imagination and inquisitiveness which excite and exhort “GO”.
  • Perhaps in the past only adventurous natures set out to find ‘riches’ or more agreeable climes; perhaps today even the meek venture forth.
  • Perhaps a break in routine is essential for our well being; perhaps several week long vacations a year refresh us and aid in being more productive.
  • Perhaps air travel has engendered one of the great revolutions in the 20th century: making every place on earth accessible, developing a global community with people seriously considering the plight of others.




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