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An expedient means for embracing frustration.

An insidious habit that thrives on human passivity.

For the sad and lonely the most intimate friend they have.

The most ubiquitous, captivating man-made device ever known.

A veritable potpourri of choices you have when abdicating your mind.

A screen and speaker that electronically reconstruct broadcast material.

A door too easily opened to the unseemly, unsightly, the crass and confusing.

A profusion of images and sounds which effectively elicit vicarious responses.

Invitation to ‘sit down’ and share an experience with millions of ‘like-minded’ people.

Common household ‘link’ to a vast world of solicitations, entertainment, education and ‘news’.

  • Perhaps the constant habit of ‘imbibing’ fantasy can make the ‘real world’ unpalatable.
  • Perhaps inviting strangers into your inner sanctum to assault your senses is either courageous or dumb.
  • Perhaps those weaned on thousands of hours of ‘viewing’ will become the ideal, docile drones society needs.
  • Perhaps the expediency of escape into ‘other worlds’ can lead to a neglect even disdain of the ‘here and now’.
  • Perhaps quantum leaps in enlightenment by masses of viewers will vindicate television’s positive ‘role’ in history.
  • Perhaps selfish, parental neglect that is dependent on surrogates seriously undermines life’s most important relationship.
  • Perhaps being able to mock, criticize even adore strangers without their knowing is an irresistible attraction for the power seeking voyeur.
  • Perhaps the ability to ‘open countless doors’ at a young age can induce a naïve haughtiness; perhaps so much ‘data’ encourages youth’s propensity for ‘knowing it all’.
  • Perhaps centuries hence historians will castigate T.V. addiction as the most insidious force for conformity the human race has ever known; perhaps future generations will regard T.V. as the most mentally destructive virulence ‘mankind’ has encountered.
  • Perhaps there are risks when citizens transfix their minds constantly to enticements, admonishments and conflicting values; perhaps so many ‘do’s and don’ts’ confuse and undermine individual initiative and commitment; perhaps complacency is often the result.

    any thoughts on this powerful alienation/escapist mesmerizer??



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