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Confiscation by coercion.

The diminishing of potential.

Funds for the fiscally challenged.

Yielding of labor's fruit to the indolent.

‘Good faith’ acquiescence by the masses.

A necessary deduction for pooling resources.

Pennies sucked in while hot air is bellowing out.

A pragmatic, enigmatic liability for the docile governed.

Imposition of levies contrived to be just by the imposers.

Stealth and cunning's reward from the depleted purses of the gullible.

  • Perhaps the vitality of an organ will be compromised if its lifeblood is slowly siphoned off.
  • Perhaps taxation is made palatable with paper and scrawl which obscures the servitude that made it possible.
  • Perhaps a ‘pound of flesh’ must only be exacted after mutual agreement that it will be replaced with tissue that grows.
  • Perhaps a ‘public trust’ has become an anachronism; perhaps ‘beholden to the few’ is the current mantra of politicians.
  • Perhaps allotments to government are justified only when citizens’ safety and well-being are given a much greater priority than administration needs.
  • Perhaps a cohesive, growing society must fund a ‘group’ that can secure and effectively utilize resources which are beyond the means of individuals.
  • Perhaps ‘waste’ of public funds should be admonished by a free press, vocal citizens and the judiciary; perhaps ‘accountability’ by government administrators must be held to the same standards as bank tellers.
  • Perhaps the only ‘just’ system to garner everyone’s fair share of ‘civic responsibility’ in monetary form is to tax all goods and services; perhaps this method will eliminate ‘loopholes’ and the hording of wealth by the crafty.
  • Perhaps public spending becomes more irresponsible in proportion to the growth of the citizenry; perhaps accountableness by public ‘servants’ diminishes as barriers and distance separate the masses from the ‘decision makers’.
  • Perhaps extracting a portion of a person’s hard earned money for government coffers had better be just; perhaps if reasonable expectations regarding legitimate expenditures are not met, a jaded resentment will fester and the worker will become rebellious.



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