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Not wanting any thing.

Confidence in your motivation.

Waking each day optimistically.

Being content with yourself now.

Knowing you have done your best.

Bliss in the face of all that is nasty.

A life filled with new experiences; old ones seldom relived.

When accomplishments and rewards have no effect on your behavior.

The psychic caress you give yourself on the brink of rest for your kind, loving heart.

Two hearts caring, unabashedly, constantly … for each other: The greatest success the world will ever know.

  • Perhaps no one ever 'arrives'; we are always 'becoming'.
  • Perhaps you must be ‘pleased with yourself’ before you can gloat.
  • Perhaps success is happiness which has burgeoned in a loving heart.
  • Perhaps recognition, respect and praise ‘stroke’ the child in you; perhaps the adult seeks much more.
  • Perhaps you must acquire a sense of accomplishment in order to move on effectively to your next quest.
  • Perhaps goal-oriented people do not realize that the ‘getting there’ is what is important, what builds character and self-esteem.
  • Perhaps amassing the material motivates; perhaps a crass naiveté has been inculcated by ubiquitous advertising and its incessant exhortation to acquire.
  • Perhaps to make headway in life’s journey you must fill the ruts and smooth the pathways; perhaps ‘leaving a trail’ will let others know you were there.
  • Perhaps your spiritual uniqueness and potential so intimidate you that pursuit of the trivial appeals; perhaps the expediency of obsession makes it easy to ignore the pleas of your more noble nature.
  • Perhaps the skewed goal of attaining THINGS has perpetuated acceptable selfish behavior; perhaps this has decimated family nurturing and cohesiveness; perhaps this "I want, give me" attitude produces demands, frustration and violence; perhaps the arrogant anarchy of today will eventually implode leaving the caring to clean up the mess.



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