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Creation’s imaginative Creator.

An essence essential for eternal life.

The only true constant amid change.

A ‘consciousness’ which never dissembles.

An entity sustained by otherworldly Energy.

A potential that is yours alone to nurture or ignore.

What gives life meaning: A transcendent existence.

A oneness that is indivisible, existing now and forever.

A unique awareness perceiving through matter … briefly.

Volatile ‘ether’ permeating all substance integrating with flesh, blood and bones and becoming dynamic.

  • Perhaps all there is to discover is already inside you.
  • Perhaps YOU are the only reality you will ever know.
  • Perhaps developing your spiritual potential is the purpose of ‘creation’.
  • Perhaps you exist elsewhere and are being beamed into cerebral receptors.
  • Perhaps there are supernatural beings viewing you and what they perceive is your spirit.
  • Perhaps ‘what’ provokes contemplation shares an unimaginable existence in a vast domain.
  • Perhaps your ‘weathering mask’ exhibits a unique ‘signature’ determined by your caring or self-serving habits.
  • Perhaps aliens implanted their ‘seeds’ in your ancestors; perhaps thenceforth they imagined much as you do today.
  • Perhaps your ability to choose … your creativity … your striving for excellence … perhaps these are hallmarks of an intrepid spirit who is much more than just matter in motion programmed by instinct and ruled by the vicissitudes of natural forces.
  • Perhaps graciously accepting the world’s temporary hold on you … minimizing its demands and your desires … AND focusing with awe on all you encounter … perhaps in this way you realize more and more the meaningful bliss you were created for.



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