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Combat you can only lose once.

Too cold, too hot; misery in a cot.

A fierce, hidden battle for control.

A time for reflecting on one's mortality.

An uninvited guest who is reluctant to leave.

A time when we get the most attention and least want it.

An opportunity to draw on inner resources in a survival quest.

Maddening skirmishes between unseen forces you know little about.

An invitation to be supportive, to develop maturity, empathy and sensitivity.

An insidious change of one's molecular structure that one could live without.

  • Perhaps maladies coerce people into helping one another.
  • Perhaps what we perceive as dissembling is actually a vital process.
  • Perhaps as the ship founders and the hull disintegrates, the boiler glows brighter.
  • Perhaps as we lose control over bodily functions eternal verities become more apparent.
  • Perhaps illness reminds us of our mortality; perhaps it is an incentive to pursue goals with more vigor.
  • Perhaps our genetic predispositions and susceptibilities reveal links with the past that should not be ignored.
  • Perhaps intervention in the battle between discord and harmony is attempted by the world’s only contemplative cogitator.
  • Perhaps the vines’ clinging pedals will always be wrenched by the wind; perhaps one minute they have life, the next they nourish it.
  • Perhaps our vulnerability is telling us not to take our bodies too seriously; perhaps our priority should always be that which lasts: Character, our true self, our spirit.
  • Perhaps a tempting bonanza for predators: Medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies who profit unduly from hysterical citizenry clinging inordinately to the physical.



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