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Wanton desire gone public.

A reward for monetary bondage.

A monitored license for serendipity.

An escape from labor's tedium to joyful acquisition.

Another human endeavor that can become an obsession.

The more you do it the more you think you need to do it.

Process of becoming briefly obsessed during ‘search and find’ missions.

An expedient means for inflating self-importance: Relishing the subservience of sales clerks.

A reason to travel to exotic places where one dons self-inflicted blinders to diverse cultural offerings.

A popular pastime that helps develop life sustaining skills: Observation, quick calculations, informed decisions.

  • Perhaps the most effective means for sharing and human accommodation.
  • Perhaps we need the change of pace, pulse and perception that shopping provides.
  • Perhaps without the incentive of markets a society will become apathetic and stagnate.
  • Perhaps nothing in the modern world brings so many people together as the ‘marketplace’.
  • Perhaps ‘packaging’ and ‘hawking’ are the essential elements of successful commerce; perhaps the world is united by brand names.
  • Perhaps for many a sense of power to ensnare and possess an object; perhaps this choosing and clutching is the only ‘freedom’ many will ever know.
  • Perhaps 10,000 people have ‘had a hand’ in your household belongings; perhaps you should appreciate their labors and the interdependence of earth’s inhabitants.
  • Perhaps similar to most of life's activities: The hope, the expectancy and the searching are what we enjoy, even relish when we shop; perhaps therefore we often delay the purchase, the consummation.
  • Perhaps productivity throughout the world depends upon open markets; perhaps prosperity is the incentive to obliterate stultifying restraints; perhaps this can lead to a legitimate expectation for a benign, sharing world.
  • Perhaps most males shop out of necessity not appreciating the variety: Colors, shapes, possibilities; perhaps females are blessed with an energetic proclivity for enjoying the seemingly endless array of products human minds are capable of devising.



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