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A ‘letting in’, ‘a getting out’.

A grain of ecstasy in a desert of pain.

An unconscious drive down an old road.

The major source of adolescent snickers.

A ‘sin’ for some; the primary goal of others.

1/2 the human race titillating the other 1/2.

An opportunity for existence beyond oneself.

Allurement, excitement, climactic, accommodate.

The only pleasure for many in deprived circumstance.

A fascination for youth, an obsession of the majority, sly comfort for the elderly.

  • Perhaps passion’s first blush changes us forever.
  • Perhaps mankind's favorite activity becomes more comfortable with age.
  • Perhaps instinct determines every creature except ‘man’ who must decide what ‘he’ will do.
  • Perhaps what is most talked, written and laughed about is mankind’s most ‘captivating’ activity.
  • Perhaps this greatest pleasure is designed to ensure our greatest need: Survival of the species.
  • Perhaps like any other pleasurable activity too much dissipates sensitivity and enjoyment.
  • Perhaps for many, sexual escapades become their most heightened and memorable experiences.
  • Perhaps copulating is most frustrating for partners of the inhibited, the self-indulgent and arrogant, unimaginative ‘performers’.
  • Perhaps our odoriferous, bodily waste disposing equipment reminds us we are mere creatures compelled by nature to propagate.



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